Dept. of Education Report

The Department of Education carries out nationwide school inspections.  The “Whole School Evaluation” report was carried out in our school in March 2009. It focuses on:

  • Quality of School Management
  • Qaulity of School Planning
  • Quality of Learning and Teaching
  • Quality of Support for Pupils


  • The school is led by a committed and effective principal supported by a skilful, hardworking and enthusiastic teaching team and a very committed board of management
  • The pupils are enthusiastic, motivated and well behaved
  • The overall quality of teaching and learning is very good. The teaching of Arts Education, English and Social Environmental and Scientific education is particularly praiseworthy
  • Effective support for pupils with special educational needs and pupils with English as an additional language is in place
  • High quality whole-school and classroom planning is undertaken
  • Parents are actively involved in supporting the work of the school

To review the complete report on St Mary’s, Haddington Road, Dublin 4, click here